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9"x12" (22.5cm x 30cm) Collage Choose Design

Anniversary Portrait Collages

  • anniversary.themepack:3x4anniversary.collage

Anniversary Landscape Collages

  • anniversary.themepack:4x3anniversary.collage

Christmas Portrait Collages

  • christmascollage.themepack:3x4Christmas.collage

Christmas Landscape Collages

  • christmascollage.themepack:4x3Christmas.collage

Simple Portrait Collages

  • classiccollages.themepack:3x4.classic.collage

Simple Landscape Collages

  • classiccollages.themepack:4x3.classic.collage

Father's Day Portrait Collages

  • fathersday.themepack:3x4fathersday.collage

Father's DayLandscape Collages

  • fathersday.themepack:4x3fathersday.collage

Mother's Day (Portrait)

  • mothersday.themepack:3x4mothersday.collage

Mother's Day (Landscape)

  • mothersday.themepack:4x3mothersday.collage

Scattered Portrait

  • scatteredcollages.themepack:3x4.scattered.collage

Scattered Landscape

  • scatteredcollages.themepack:4x3.scattered.collage

Valentine's Day: Heart Themes (Portrait)

  • valentines.themepack:3x4valentines.collage

Valentine's Day: Heart Themes (Landscape)

  • valentines.themepack:4x3valentines.collage