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Frequently Asked Questions

Print photos online

Create and Edit

How do I upload images from my computer?

On pages like order small photo prints, order big photo prints or order poster prints you will find uploader script.

Images Uploader

Using images uploader is a very easy process. To upload photos straight from your computer click the tab titled Photos on my computer.

Images Uploader - First Step

Next, choose your desired print size from the list below. If you are ordering photo prints, second list will be displayed, from which you can choose desired finish for your photo prints.

Images Uploader - Second Step

The last step is to add your photos by clicking Add Files button, or by drag and drop method straight from your folder.

Images Uploader - Third Step

How do I upload photos from social media?

Uploading photos from your favourite social media isn't also comlicated and the first two steps are the same as in uploading photos from computer process.

First step is to select tab titled Photos on social media.

Images Uploader - Social Media First Step

Now choose your preffered size from the left drop list and your desired finish from the right drop list.

Images Uploader - Social Media Second Step

The last step is to click your favourite social media, from which you would like to upload your photos.

Images Uploader - Social Media Third Step

How do I edit uploaded photos?


Do I need to register an account?

Registering an account on Photo Pro Print is free. There is no need to register an account if you want to place an order. However having an account gives you some advantages. For example you will be able to start placing an order and come back to finish it later.

Order and Delivery

When will I get photos delivered?

Due to heavy number of orders, any new orders will be delivered after new year.